Friday, April 30

Denami Design Online Gift Certificate Giveaway

If you are a fan of Denami Design stamps (and who wouldn't be?) be sure to check out their $25 online gift certificate give away in honor of obtaining 800 Facebook Fans (or is it "Likers" now that the format and terminology has changed?). All you have to do is go to the Denami Design Blog and leave a comment. You can leave two additional comments if you are (1) a Facebook Fan/Liker; and (2) a public follower of the Denami Design Blog. Good luck!!!

Thursday, April 29

Aged Tile

This card was created using the Aged Tiles technique from the April/May, 2008, Technique Junkie newsletter and the Large Ship and Sail Away stamps from QKR Stampede.

I haven't used the Aged Tiles technique in a while, and it was actually brought to mind when someone recently posted a card to the Technique Junkie group using the technique. This particular card reminds me of tiles you would see in  a kitchen or bathroom of an older home--tiles from the 1920s or 1930s--that have an image decoupaged onto the tile. Putting this card together is quick, clean, and simple!

As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit. Have a GREAT day!!

Wednesday, April 28

QKR Monday on Wednesday

As I mentioned in Sunday's post, my Monday posts are going to be dedicated to QKR Stampede, the rubber stamps that are "somewhat cute, somewhat quirky". I am a member of the first QKR Stampede Design Team and my days to post on the QKR Blog fall on the first and third Monday of each month. So, every Monday, I will be posting on my blog a project that was created using stamps by QKR Stampede, as well as any breaking news about the company, such as events and specials. Unfortunately, Monday and Tuesday brought computer/internet/Blogger issues (losing posts, losing comments, etc.); so, even though it is Wednesday, this is the project I had intended to post on Monday. Without further adieu, here it is:

This card was created using the Large Ship stamp by QKR Stampede. While the company is known for its "cute" and "quirky" images, there are also some very nice, serious (for lack of a better word at the moment) images, as shown here.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!!

Sunday, April 25

Virtual Stamp Night Mini

This past Friday, April 23, was another Virtual Stamp Night Mini at Splitcoaststampers. Virtual Stamp Nights are a series of challenges for which you receive instructions/guidance, and then have 45 minutes to complete the challenge. There was a lot of buzz about the theme being showers and flowers . . . I couldn't wait for it to begin. I looked at the "shopping list" and had all but one item -- but some generous person happened to offer that item on Freecycle, so off I went to get it and then I was all set! The challenge for this card was to create a monochromatic "pastel" baby card. The stamped image is from the Year After Year stamp set by Stampin' Up! The dark purple layer of card stock was embossed using the Argyle embossing folder (though it doesn't show up well in this picture). Generic paper flowers were added for a little bit of "bling" and to make the card a bit more feminine. The elephant image was paper pieced (after stamping the focal image, the image was again stamped on scrapbook paper, cut out, and glued in place).

Tomorrow begins my regularly scheduled QKR Monday posts, featuring stamp images and sentiments from QKR Stampede. I will be posting on the QKR Stampede blog the first and third Monday of each month; however, I will post a project on my blog every Monday.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, April 22

Faux Patterned (Designer) Paper

By masking, sponging, and stamping, you can create the "look" of patterned (or designer, or scrapbook) paper in your projects. For this card, a piece of typing/copy paper (my mask) was torn to create an interesting edge. I use typing/copy paper because later I will be stamping and will stamp over the mask. If I were using card stock, the thickness of the card stock would create a "ghost" area causing my stamped image(s) to not go to the edge of my faux patterned paper. I adhered the mask to my card stock with a temporary adhesive; generally, I use a light application of glue from my Sailor Two-Way glue pen, but you can also use temporary Dotto or Monoadhesive. Since I will be sponging along a torn edge, I place the glue along the torn edge in order to minimize the chances of the paper lifting while I'm sponging and the sponged ink going where I don't want it. I sponged a light-colored ink (Sahara Sand by Stampin' Up!) onto my card stock, making sure that I had good, even coverage. With the mask still in place, I then stamped my images to create the look of patterned paper. When done, remove the mask and finish your card. This could also be considered faux layering, as you have the look of patterned paper over your card stock. If you wanted to add a bit more depth to your faux patterned paper, with the mask still in place, sponge with a slightly darker ink just along the torn edge of the mask. This will create a shadow effect and enhance the faux layered look. Stamps used for this project are from the Wild Rose and Elegant Greetings stamp sets by Stampin' Up!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a GREAT day!!!

Wednesday, April 21

Dreams . . . Take Two

Yesterday I posted a card, the sentiment of which I thought would be perfect for graduation cards, being that graduation celebrations are right around the corner. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I not only used the sentiment, but repeated the layout as well (if it ain't broke, don't fix it!). I created three versions of the same card--clean and simple, clean and simple with masculine bling, and clean and simple with feminine bling--using papers that represent the school's colors. The stamps used for this project are from the Live Your Dream and Year After Year stamp sets by Stampin' Up!.

My clean and simple card:

My clean and simple card with masculine bling:

My clean and simple card with feminine bling:

Thanks for stopping by today; I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!

Tuesday, April 20

Dreams . . .

I know it's still the month of April and we have yet to celebrate Mother's and Father's Day, but also lurking around the corner, for some, is the celebration of graduations. I had this card in my arsenal of samples and thought the stamped sentiment would be perfect for graduation cards.  No special technique for this card . . . just something quick and easy. The stamped sentiment is from the Live Your Dream set by Stampin' Up!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a WONDERFUL day!!

Sunday, April 18

Pearly Flowers

This post is a bit later than usual because today has been a most UNcreative day -- my creative mojo (if ever I had it) went on holiday. My last post used gold leaf flakes and heat-n-stick (or sticky embossing) powder. I thought while I had that bold image stamp and the heat-n-stick powder out, I would show another technique using PearlEx powders. PearlEx powders, manufactured by Jacquard Products, is a mica powder that can be used in a variety of ways. If you wish to use PearlEx as a paint, you will have to add a binding agent, such as gum arabic and water (the Jacquard website recommends 1 part gum arabic powder to 4 parts PearlEx mica powder--add water to desired consistency). Here is a little container of PearlEx paint that I mixed using the recipe above (PearlEx, Gum Arabic, and water). PearlEx can also be added to acrylic paints, varnish, and other art mediums.

There are other ways you can use PearlEx without gum arabic, such as mixing with hairspray and spritzing onto your card stock or scrapbook page, or applying PearlEx to a stamped image that has had heat-n-stick powder applied. Here is a close-up of a bold stamp image that was stamped, embossed with sticky embossing powder, and PearlEx applied (the stamp used in this project is from the Fabulous Flowers set by Stampin' Up!):

How to create this:  Ink your image with either VersaMark or an embossing ink, stamp onto your card stock, cover with heat-n-stick (or sticky embossing) powder and heat with heat gun just until sticky (the stamped image will appear shiny; if you overheat, the image will become dull and will lose its tackiness). To color, dip just the tip of a fine paint brush into a jar of PearlEx, tap off the excess, then apply the PearlEx powder to your stamped and embossed image. I use more of a pouncing technique to apply the powder so that I get it exactly where I wish. Because you are working with sticky embossing powder, once the PearlEx powder is applied, it is there for good.

Notice there is a tiny bit of PearlEx on just the tip of the brush. You can use a variety of colors, but remember, once the PearlEx powder has been applied to the heat-n-stick, it's there for good -- you cannot blend, which is why I use the pouncing method as opposed to brush strokes. As usual, whenever you are working with multiple colors, be sure to clean your brush before going to the next color. With this technique, the PearlEx can be removed from your brush easily by either wiping on your hand or onto a soft cloth. Once you have colored your entire image, brush off the excess PearlEx with a soft cloth.

Your beautiful image is now ready to be incorporated into your project. I made this card:

The PearlEx colors that I used for this project were:  Brilliant Yellow, Flamingo Pink, Micro Pearl, Misty Lavender, and Spring Green.

For other ideas on how to use PearlEx, visit the Jacquard website. Be sure to check out the projects listed and the list of Quick Tips (be sure to check out Tip No. 11 -- who would have thought?!). I have used PearlEx on polymer clay (before baking) when creating bracelets with stamped polymer clay. I have also mixed PearlEx with Lumiere Metallic Acrylic paints (also by Jacquard) to create my own paint colors. Let me know if you have tried this or any other technique using PearlEx.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a GREAT day!

Friday, April 16

Foiled Again!

A question came up on a group about how to use gold leaf -- the kind that comes in sheets or flakes. I thought I would post a card that uses gold leaf and quick instructions on how the card was created. This particular technique works best with bold image stamps. Using a detail stamp image (depending on the amount of detail) can lose the effect of the foil. If you have various colors of foil, have fun mixing your colors. I have gold leaf that I have bought in flakes and in sheets.

Once I open a bag of gold leaf, I store it in a tin.

Here is a close-up of a stamped and foiled image (the stamp used in this project is from the Fabulous Flowers set by Stampin' Up!):

How to do this:  Ink your image with VersaMark or an embossing ink, stamp onto your card stock, cover with heat-n-stick powder (also known as sticky embossing powder), and heat emboss just until sticky (the stamped image will appear shiny; if you overheat, the image will appear dull and will have lost its tackiness). Firmly press the gold leaf flakes into the heat-n-stick and make sure that the entire image is covered.

It looks like quite the mess, but with the fine mesh scrubber pictured above (found at your local stamp or craft store; a kitchen scrubber can be used, as well), you will scrub, or buff, away the excess foil, gradually revealing your stamped image. Any large pieces of foil can be put back in your "stash" (I scrub holding my card stock directly over my storage tin so that all pieces go right back in for future use). Your beautiful stamped/foiled image is revealed.

Use the piece in your project, be it a card or a scrapbook page. I made this card:

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, April 12

And the Winner is . . .

. . . Theresa Kamp! For more details, please visit the QKR Blog. A May blog hop is in the planning stages, so be sure to check back here for more information as details become known. Congratulations, Theresa, enjoy your shopping spree!

April Showers . . .

Although the first day of Spring was March 20, it usually takes quite a while for it to actually look and feel like Spring in northeast Ohio. With Spring in mind, and it being the month of April, I couldn't help but think of the old rhyme, "April showers bring May flowers." This card was created using the In the Rain stamp by QKR Stampede. The card base is 5" square; the first (green) layer has double score lines on all four sides. The stamped image was watercolored on a piece of white card stock, and an identically sized piece of white card stock (embossed with the Spots and Dots embossing folder (April showers) and cut with a Nesability scallop circle) was layered over the stamped image with pop dots. White eyelets were used for the flower centers (May flowers), which were attached to punched branches and added to the lower left corner of the card.

A close-up of some of the card details:

I hope you're enjoying Spring! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 10

Up, Up, and Away!

First of all, wasn't yesterday's Blog Hop fantastic? If you missed my blog post, be sure to go here, have a look and leave a comment. Then, go back to the QKR Stampede Blog and leave a comment that you commented at every blog on the Hop. Each person who leaves a comment at each Design Team Member's blog and comments on the QKR Stampede Blog, will be eligible to win a $30 shopping spree at QKR Stampede. You have until Midnight on April 11 to leave your comments. As for the Hop itself, I absolutely loved all of the projects posted by each of the Design Team Members and would certainly be hard-pressed to pick a favorite (thank goodness no one has to do that!). I feel very fortunate to be included on a team of such talented women and expect to learn a lot from each person.

For today, this cute little guy, Floating Away by QKR Stampede has launched himself on a journey in search of a lucky birthday celebrant! The Happy Birthday embossing folder and the Cuttlebug were used on a portion of the card, score lines were added, then the image was stamped and watercolored. A bit of bling was added by adhering colored rhinestones.

There you have it -- quick, clean and simple! Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!

Thursday, April 8

QKR Stampede Blog Hop

I hope you have been enjoying the Hop! I know I have thoroughly enjoyed making projects for this Hop, as well as looking at and admiring all of the beautiful work that has been posted by each of the Design Team Members.

Didn't Laralee have some really cute projects? How cute is that bear with the fish? (He's on my wish list!) If you did not visit Laralee's Blog before coming here, go back--you missed a stop. And if you didn't start the Hop at the QKR Stampede Blog, go there now, read the details about the Hop, then go to the first linked blog. Each blog stop will, in turn, direct you to the next blog in the Hop. This will keep you on the right path so that you visit each Design Team Member's blog. If you leave a comment at each blog, you will be eligible to win a prize--one lucky person will be randomly chosen (be sure to check back at the QKR Blog to find out if you won!). Now that we know you are at the right place, here are a few cards:

This first card is a clean and simple card that was created using the In the Rain and Mama Said stamps by QKR Stampede. If you have been following my blog, you know that I have been having a lot of fun with these stamps. This card has a little bit of a twist.  The Spots and Dots embossing folder was used for the backdrop of the card, representing rain. The image was stamped and watercolored then cut out with a Nestability oval die and layered onto card stock cut with a Nestability scallop oval die. A single piece of ribbon was added for additional color.

Did you notice the little twist? Yes? No? Not sure? He forgot his umbrella! I can't tell you how many times I've done that, so I just HAD to do a card depicting "one of those days"!

This next card uses the Floating Away stamp. I have had a lot of fun creating cards with this stamp, also. For this card, the D'Vine Swirls embossing folder was used to represent the wind that is keeping this little guy aloft.  And by the look of those ribbons, there's quite a breeze blowing!

And finally, I have been wanting to make a step card for a while and decided to take the plunge today. This card uses the Mama Said stamp. Usually, this saying is associated with "negative" happenings in daily life. I decided to take a more positive spin. We've all heard the saying, ". . . never promised a rose garden . . ."; well, I was never not promised a rose garden. So, with that in mind, here is my positive spin:

Granted, these aren't roses, but what a beautiful bunch of flowers! A side view (so you can see the steps):

And finally, a close-up view so you can see the ribbon -- the ribbon on this card was used to create the leaves of the flowers.

Thanks for participating in the Blog Hop. Make sure you leave a comment before heading to the last stop. Remember, you have to leave a comment at each Design Team Member's blog in order to be eligible for the prize! Comment made? Great!! You should now head over to the final stop on this Hop:

and see what Chris has in store for you. Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!!

Blog Hop Sneak Preview #2

One last time -- if you haven't already done so, be sure to mark your calendar for the VERY FIRST QKR STAMPEDE BLOG HOP Friday, April 9 (that's tomorrow!!!). The Design Team has been creating beautiful projects for your enjoyment and inspiration. You will be soooooo happy that you played along on the Hop! Here is another sneak preview for the Blog Hop . . . remember, the theme is ribbons . . . a ribbon cutting ceremony in celebration of the first blog hop. After all, who doesn't love ribbons on their project, be it cards, scrapbook pages, or some other form of stamped artwork?

Don't forget to go to the QKR Stampede website, and look at the many "cute and quirky" stamp images and sayings. Make a note of some of your favorites and look for them on the Hop. If you see some images you would like me to use in future postings, let me know in the comments and I'll work on that for you. And just in case you missed my original post about the Hop, be sure to go here for the details.

Thanks for stopping by!  See you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, April 7

Blog Hop Sneak Preview #1

Friday, April 9 -- make sure that date is marked on your calendar for the VERY FIRST QKR STAMPEDE BLOG HOP! The Design Team has been working hard creating wonderful samples for your enjoyment and inspiration--you will be glad you took the time to "hop". If you missed my post giving details about the Blog Hop, be sure to check it out here.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to visit QKR Stampede prior to the Hop; in fact, go there now! Make a list of your favorite stamps and look for them on the Hop! If you see any stamps you would like me to include in my posts, let me know in the comments and I'll work on that for you.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, April 6

Floating By . . .

. . . to say "Hi" to someone special. I had an earlier post that was an Easter spinner card. While I was in the groove, I decided to make another spinner card using the Out at Sea stamp by QKR Stampede. This card was watercolored and the stamped image and oval border were cut using Nestability dies and the Cuttlebug. Designer papers on this card are by Chatter Box.

And a close-up of him floating and bobbing by . . .

More to come this week, including some sneak previews for Friday's Blog Hop. In case you missed that post, be sure to go here to read about the hop this Friday, April 9. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 5

How About a Hop?

A hop, you ask!? Yes!! Peter Cottontail has come and gone, but I'm not thinking of doing a bunny hop; I'm thinking of a BLOG HOP!!  QKR Stampede is going to have its very first Blog Hop this Friday, April 9, the theme of which is a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. How exciting is that??? What is a Blog Hop? It's simple and requires only a little bit of your time. Start at the QKR Stampede Blog, where you will get all the information you need, and from there you will be directed, via direct links, to the blogs of each of the Design Team Members. Each Design Team Member's blog will display a project (or two or three or . . . ) created using stamps from QKR Stampede and ribbon!!! Who doesn't love ribbon on a card? All you have to do is stop by each blog, enjoy the projects, leave a comment, and follow the link provided for the next blog. For taking the time to visit and comment at each Design Team Member's blog, your name will be entered into a drawing. One lucky person will be randomly selected from all the entries to win a prize. I am not allowed to tell you what the prize is (you will find that out at the QKR Stampede Blog on Friday), but I am allowed to tell you that you will not be disappointed! So, mark your calendar, get set, and let's go hoppin'!

Hello Friend

Doesn't this little guy look like he's paddling about looking for his friends? Here is  a card using the Out at Sea stamp image from QKR Stampede. As with the In the Rain stamp image seen here, I have watercolored this image and applied crystal lacquer to the water. "Hello Friend" was cut using the Friends Forever cut and emboss set and my Cuttlebug.

Stay tuned, there's more to come! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 4

Happy Easter!

I hope that everyone has had a blessed Easter weekend and has been able to connect with family and friends, be it in person or otherwise. Today's card is a simple flap card that, like Friday's card, uses stamps from the set A Good Egg by Stampin' Up! The chick was flocked and crystal lacquer was applied to the chick's beak to add dimension. Faux stitching was added around the flap. Decorative paper was purchased at a local craft store. The Cuttlebug and Nestabilities were used to cut out the oval frame and the stamped image.

Happy Easter!  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 3

The Next Gene Kelly?

Well, perhaps not, but looking at this little guy, I couldn't help but think of Gene Kelly's dance scene in the musical, Singin' in the Rain. This card was made using the In the Rain stamp from QKR Stampede. This cute little guy decided to don his rain slicker shell and his umbrella, head out into the dark clouds, and walk down the lane . . . singin' in the rain . . . (all that's missing is a lamp post).

The stamped image was watercolored and crystal lacquer was applied to the umbrella and the rain slicker shell to have that "wet from the rain" appearance.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 2

Happy Friday!

I am posting a whimsical Easter card today. This is a cute and simple spinner card that was created using stamp images from the stamp set A Good Egg by Stampin' Up! The polka-dot paper is paper that I picked up at my local craft store. My Cuttlebug and Nestability dies were used for the scalloped frame and to cut out the stamped image. The little chick in this egg was flocked and crystal lacquer was applied to his beak to give it some dimension. Glitter was applied to the shell.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 1

Floating Away

I have yet another card to share using stamps from QKR Stampede. This particular stamp image is called Floating Away and although this little guy is on his way to who-knows-where, he doesn't look like he's too concerned. Some of the details: I used my Cuttlebug and Happy Birthday and Swiss Dots embossing folders on each half of a piece of card stock and a piece of ribbon was added for interest (this is one piece of card stock and could have been left without the ribbon). Generic paper flowers and a brad for the flower center were added. The balloons were punched and fine gold thread was tied around each balloon lip, as well as "threaded" through the image as depicted in the original stamp design.

And a close-up of some of the details:

As I said in an earlier post, there will be more to come.  Thanks for stopping by!
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