Thursday, February 25

Mini Piano Hinge Book

Today I am posting something different--a miniature book I created several years ago. While surfing the 'net, I found instructions for a piano hinge book that used chopsticks for the binding.  Since at the time I didn't have any chopsticks available, I created a mini version using toothpicks--fancy party toothpicks--for the binding.  The book has 20 pages, including the front and back covers, and each individual page measures 1-7/8" X 1-3/4". The only "techniques" used on this book are direct-to-paper and sponging. The purpose of this book? I consider it merely to be a conversation piece. It could be something that is customized for an individual and given as a keepsake, but this one has no particular meaning; it is just something I tried and have kept all these years. The images found on the pages are a variety of stamp images from A Stamp in the Hand, Hero Arts, Stampers Anonymous, Stampin' Up! and, I am sure, a few others which I do not recall at this time. The charms found throughout are from a variety of sources, as well.  Thanks for stopping by!

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