Friday, February 5

My First Blog -- Up and Running

I have finally taken the plunge and started a blog.  So, now for a little about me . . . I am by no means a professional crafter, but I do enjoy creating gifts and works of art (I use that term loosely--very loosely) using rubber stamps and various paper crafting techniques, though I have not ventured into the world of scrapbooking.  I would not categorize my work into a particular "style", as I do not consider my work shabby chic, avant garde, classy, classic, or even clean and simple, and I have not mastered the art of collage, although I have tried several times.

Like many other stampers and paper crafters, I have a plethora of stamping supplies:  papers, inks, stamps (from several companies), ribbons, brads, eyelets, embossing powders, glitters, mica powders, embossing folders, cutting dies, beads, baubles, etc., etc., etc.  My friends have dibs on my supplies when I die, which is good, since my nieces and nephews would probably walk into my crafting space bleary-eyed and wondering what all that . . . stuff . . . is!

I do not have a particular creative process, unless you consider CASEing a creative process (thank goodness for CASEing, challenges, and sketches). Occasionally, I do come up with my own idea(s), usually completely by accident and as a result of playing around with this scrap and that scrap and suddenly, an idea comes to mind (that's exactly how last year's Christmas card came to be).  My "mistakes" are not at all mistakes but, rather, creative springboards--at least, that's what I keep telling myself.

I hope that some will find the work that I post both interesting and inspirational.  Thanks for stopping by!

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