Thursday, May 27

Desktop Paperweight

Today I am featuring a little gift idea that is great for a year-end teacher's gift, or even for a Father's Day gift--a desktop paperweight. The paperweight that I am using was purchased at Oriental Trading and is sold in quantities of 3 for $9.99.

The paperweights are 3" square (also available in 3" round) and have a foam pull-out base which allows you to create decorative pieces that can be slipped in, covered with the foam base, and displayed. The foam base stays securely in place and also protects desktop surfaces from scratches. The "empty" space that you decorate is 2-1/2" square and approximately 1/4" deep, so you can have some dimension in your little piece of artwork (you can see one of my inserts has buttons). If you keep your decorative inserts simple, without a lot of dimension, you can make several for different times of the year, etc., store them in the paperweight and change them for different holidays or seasons, etc. Just think of the possibilities . . . family pictures, children's pictures, mini works of art made by the children . . . all preserved under glass!! Thanks for stopping by and having a look! Have a GREAT day!!


Velta said...

Hi Carol ~ Thank you so much for letting me know how you made that gorgeous flower! It is so delicate that I was surprised to know you used cardstock...I will be practicing and hope I can come up with such a beauty as yours. Again, thank you...Now I have to tell you that your paperweights are gorgeous...I will be stopping by regularly to see your creations...I want to thank you for your inspiration...cause you really have inspired me :)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

wow carol! GENIUS! and stunning!

i think i spend most of my $$$$ at oriental trading

Barb said...

Great idea!!! I never would have thought of this!

Marie said...

These paperweights are a great idea - I really like what you did with yours!

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