Wednesday, May 19

Not Your Typical Graduation Card

The Clean & Simple Stamping blog has "Fall To Layouts" or FTLs, and "Fall To Colors" or FTCs. Today's card is an idea for a graduation card--but not your usual graduation card. Mind you, this card could be adapted to a general graduation merely by substituting school colors.

This card was created to fulfill the FTL90 challenge and, as you can see, was done in patriotic colors and could be used for a young man or woman who has completed boot camp; specifically, I was thinking of Army boot camp. From 1980 to 2001, the Army's recruiting slogan was Be All You Can Be. The sentiment on my card is The Best is Yet to Be. I am not, by this post, supporting war or the events that lead to war. Like it or not, though, these brave men and women have made their career choice--whether it be a lifelong military career or a starting point from which they will have access to other and better opportunities--and that I support. I have several family members and friends who have either served or are currently serving in a branch of the military, and I respect and admire their choice and their many sacrifices. I think it's important to keep this in mind as we near the Memorial Day holiday. Thanks for stopping by today and having a look! Have a GREAT day!!


Crafty Creations said...

Hi Carol!!! How funny is that? We had the same ideas! Your card is awesome!!! I love that you added the white stars on top too. Wasn't this a great sketch?
off to poke around your blog :)

Kristie Maynard said...

I love your card. I think you could just substitute, You're the Star or something like that and make this any kind of congratulation card. Very nice!

Barb said...

Love this card.

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